Double Wall Coffee Cups

Hot Liquid, Cool Fingers: Good Coffee Belongs Behind Double-Walled Glass!

Give your cups a break – because coffee and glasses belong together. Get the best view of your espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato: our double-walled coffeeness coffee glasses

  1. Keep coffee hot
  2. Are cool to the touch
  3. Give you a clear view

Because from behind glass, you can best judge whether all settings on your fully automatic coffee machine are correct – even if the coffee glasses are double walled.

Buy Coffeeness Coffee Glasses: So Many Advantages

  • Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Exclusive Coffeeness logo
  • Double-walled construction to protect your fingers
  • 3 sizes – for espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato
  • Optimized capacity for all fully automatic coffee machine specialties
  • Exactly matched to the cup height of all fully automatic coffee machines
  • Pleasantly rounded shape for a secure grip

Heat-Resistant, Double-Walled Glasses: Why Borosilicate Glass?

If hot coffee is to stay really hot once it’s been poured, glass has a natural advantage. While ceramics and porcelain are excellent heat conductors, glass is about as effective as a brick. So why drink coffee from traditional cups?

That’s what we asked ourselves – and instead designed our own coffee glasses. We opted for heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a double-walled design – two layers of glass, with a thick layer of air in between. This design has three main advantages:

  1. Air is an even worse thermal conductor than glass and enhances the insulation effect
  2. The outer layer remains completely cool – even after years of use
  3. The glass is just as effective as an insulated stainless steel cup

Borosilicate glass is also called laboratory glass. Unlike normal glass, it can handle hot liquid very well and is also more shatterproof. That’s why it is also used for coffee equipment like the French press and coffee machine carafes.

Coffee With a Sense of Proportion: Coffee Glasses as Quality Control

Is the grind setting correct? Are the volume settings too high? And what about the quality of the milk foam? With a cup, you have to guess about cappuccino or espresso from a fully automatic coffee machine. However, in a glass you can see the most important factors immediately:

  • Density, thickness and color of an espresso’s crema give feedback on the grind setting, extraction time and the ground coffee dose.
  • The ratio of milk to coffee in the glass tells you whether you should readjust pre-programmed recipes.
  • The milk foam’s appearance reveals whether it is time to clean or descale – the more bubbly and unstable, the more necessary it is!

We have thought of everything else for you:

  • We have compared thickness, shape and height with all devices from our fully automatic coffee machine reviews. To that end, we can give you the “Definitely Fits Underneath” guarantee.
  • The capacity of each glass is perfectly matched to its respective classic beverage. Simply fill to the edge and enjoy!
  • A quick rinse and wipe is enough for cleaning. There are no unhygienic grooves or edges.

Do you still have questions about our double-walled coffee glasses? Feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

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