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Arne Preuss

Arne Preuss. Coffeeness founder, tester, author, owner & product developer

Mauricio Preuss

Mauricio Preuss. Head of Visual Content, Video Sidekick & Product Developer

Florian Obrecht

Florian Obrecht. Shop Management

Sarah Pfeifer

Sarah Pfeifer. Customer service

Alex Kolichoski

Alex Kolichoski. Web Developer

Content Contributor

Wiebke Eichler. Content Contributor

Customer Service North America

Nicholas Marshall. Customer Service North America


Our green coffee comes from the young direct trade team Ocafi, based in Brazil and Germany. Niklas, Luis and Sylwia stand for sustainable coffee cultivation, the further development of the coffee trade and enormous quality standards for themselves and their coffee. Ocafi manages several farms in Brazil according to ecological principles and experiments with new cultivation and processing methods. If there's one thing we know, it's that what Ocafi delivers makes backyard coffee even better.

Luis Paulo Guardabaxo

Luis Paulo Guardabaxo. Founder Ocafi

Niklas Kuegler

Niklas Kuegler. Founder Ocafi

Sylwia Padiasek

Sylwia Padiasek. Founder Ocafi

backyard coffee

Together with the team from backyard coffee in Frankfurt, we have developed a coffee roast especially for fully automatic machines. Wolfram and his team have been roasting coffee since 2010 and have already taken first place in several barista championships. Backyard coffee is committed to sustainability, transparency and fairness throughout the entire value chain - and is just as open to scrutiny as we are.

Wolfram Sorg

Wolfram Sorg. Managing Director

Eric Wolf

Eric Wolf. Training Manager

Timo Keller

Timo Keller. Production

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